SWISH for Three!

We're excited to introduce you to three new coaching staff additions. Each coach brings unique skills and expertise to the court, and they're all set to significantly impact our club.

  1. Zach Usherwood: Coach Zack is a Gleneagle alumni. He played at Thompson River University, the University of Prince Edward Island and semi-pro for the Vancouver Dragons basketball team. Coach Zach has spent the past 5 years as a skill trainer and coach to many dedicated young athletes, helping them develop not only their basketball skills but their character as well.

  2. James Tasker: Coach James is a former SWISH basketball player hope is to not only improve your child’s basketball and athletic skills, but also teach them necessary life skills that will benefit them as students and people.

  3. Sepher Jafary: Coach Sepher's experiences as a SWISH player, cultivated a deep love for basketball and a profound appreciation for the positive impact sports can have on personal development.

Welcome to the team, coaches!

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