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SWISH for Three!

We're excited to introduce you to three new coaching staff additions. Each coach brings unique skills and expertise to the court, and they're all set to significantly impact our club. Zach Usherwood: Coach Zack is a Gleneagle alumni. He played at Thompson River University, the University of Prince Edward Island and semi-pro for the Vancouver Dragons basketball team. Coach Zach has spent the past 5 years as a skill trainer and coach to many dedicated young athletes, helping them develop not only their basketball skills but their character as well. James Tasker: Coach James is a former SWISH basketball player hope is to not only improve your child’s basketball and athletic skills, but also teach them necessary life skills that will benefit them as students and...

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Celebrating 2-year giving back to our community with the city of Port Coquitlam. SWISH Basketball staff and our student-athletes volunteer our time to maintaining the city's outdoor basketball courts and surrounding park by cleaning up litter, painting court line and changing out nets to give back to our community. We aim to develop good basketball players but more so hope to make better people out of our kids. 

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SWISH Cleans Up!

No titles or trophies on this early Saturday morning in Port Coquitlam. Just our club's volunteer day at Evergreen Park, one of five spots that SWISH Basketball helps the city maintain. January 11 was particularly sweet because after cleaning up the basketball courts and surrounding park we stumbled across this sign. It's not made of bronze, silver or gold, just a sign of gratitude that's put a smile on all our faces.  We aim to develop good basketball players but more so hope to make better people out of our kids, grounding them and us to our community.

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