From our President

As your child embarks on his journey with BC SWISH Basketball Club as a returnee or new member, I wanted to take a few minutes to share the evolution of BC SWISH Basketball Club with you. 


Five years ago, Ken Yang, Sean Bay and I were convinced by a small group of parents to create SWISH as a platform to provide expert coaching and a highly competitive training environment for players. The student-athlete lens whereby we grow players beyond the Xs and Os of basketball is our primary focus. The trend lately is for clubs to give shout outs to current members who were playing in the Provincial Championships. If we were to list the players who got their start with SWISH or have played for one of our club coaches, the list would be substantive. I mention this because your child is in good hands when it comes to the training and playing environment of which they will be part. 


We choose to be a small club because for all of us involved this is a passion and not a money-making venture. We are a truly non-profit basketball club. We run this club because it’s our collective passion. None of our staff members take a salary because we have full-time paying jobs in other fields. We put player development first because we love coaching and mentoring. Many of our staff members are educators – once teachers and now school administrators. Every day we work with children. All our coaches share a passion for supporting student growth emotionally, academically and in physical literacy. 

Your child will be coached by someone with extensive experience in two or more of the following areas. 


a. Physical literacy as a function of teaching Physical Education. 
b. Coaching at the high school or youth level for at least 7 years. 
c. Coaching at the university level. 
d. Playing at the university basketball level and as mentioned previously. 
e. Working with youth in an educational setting where the primary focus is on the well-being and development of the whole child. 


Wishing you the very best in your child’s season and evolution as a basketball player. 


Yours in basketball, 

Coach Andrew Lloyd - President – BC SWISH Basketball Club 

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